Coronavirus Scheduling, Policies & Procedures

Dear Valued Patient or Prospective Patient.


UPDATED ON 11.04.2020

The purpose of this announcement is to share Important COVID-19 Safety Updates:

Our office remains re-opened with our regular hours, and continues to provide all medical services and procedures.

We continue to implement the highest standards for policies and procedures in order to maximize patient and staff safety, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Important COVID-19 Safety Updates:

Requirements for entering the clinic starting on Monday, November 9th:

  • All patients currently scheduled for office visits during the next week from November 9th – 13th will be provided with a **NEW / UPDATED** version of our COVID-19 Safety Questionnaire by Friday of this week, and all patients currently scheduled for office visits in later weeks and through January 29th of 2021 will be provided with this form as soon as possible. We will provide all patients currently scheduled through January 29th of 2021 with this form during the next two to three weeks. Moving forward, we will provide this form to all patients who are scheduling an office visit who have not already submitted the completed form. Note that this is a NEW VERSION of the form which we are sending to all patients, even those patients who completed a prior version of this form.
  • All patients scheduled for an office visit from November 9th – January 29th must complete and submit this form online in Charm or click here to download and print a copy, which they can sign and provide to the clinic when they arrive, or they must let us know ahead of time that they want us to print a copy and provide it to them in our hallway so they can review and sign it and return it to our staff in our hallway, prior to entering our office. This means that all patients in our office will have a signed **NEW / UPDATED** version of this form in their medical record.
  • All patients must pass our quick verbal COVID-19 Screening Questions, which we will ask at our doorway prior to allowing them to enter the office, and they must also have a normal touchless temperature reading at that time.
  • All patients must agree to and actually wear a cloth or other kind of mask that covers their nose and mouth before entering and while inside our building at all times. We have decided that in the interest of protecting our patients – most of which are greater than 50 years old – that a face shield or other item is not an acceptable substitute for a mask that covers the nose and mouth. Starting Monday, November 9th we will provide disposable masks to patients who forget to bring their own.
  • All patients must maintain at least six feet of physical distancing from other patients, and from our staff, unless you’re being approached, examined, or treated by our staff.
  • REMINDER: We are no longer requiring patients to wait in their car.
  • REMINDER: We are no longer requiring patients to do screening phone calls the day before their scheduled office visit.


Due to the spiking of COVID-19 cases nationwide and the onset of flu season:

  • We are calling all of our current patients who are stable on their prescribed protocols, and / or are greater than 50 years old, and / or have comorbidities which make them more potentially susceptible to COVID-19 and / or more likely to suffer from COVID-19 complications, and are scheduled for routine every 3 – 4 months blood draw follow up office visits between now and January 29th of 2021 who our doctors believe can safely and effectively substitute their routine every 3 – 4 months blood draw and follow up office visit with a phone call follow up appointment instead for the ongoing management of their hormone replacement therapy during this critical period of time. 
  • We are NOT requiring that patients forgo their routine every 3 – 4 months blood draw follow up office visit. We are only providing select patients with the option to have a phone call follow up appointment instead, so they can choose this option if they prefer.
  • We expect that many of our patients will choose to have a follow up phone appointment and that probably this will reduce clinic traffic by as much as 50%, which will help to reduce any potential contribution to community transmission of COVID-19 or the seasonal flu or other viral infections during this critical and potentially very stressful period of time.


If you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 please call our clinic immediately to let us know. This is very important for contact tracing and COVID-19 testing with the Oregon Health Authority.


Click here for the latest draft guidance Oregon employers are required to follow currently.


Click here for more information on Oregon OSHA’s guidelines for employers.



Dr. Robert Strait, N.D.

Owner & Naturopathic Physician