Meet Dr. Jennifer Samson, N.D.

Dr. Jennifer Samson, N.D.

As a naturopathic physician, I’m passionate about combining the latest scientific breakthroughs and the most up-to-date evidence with my holistic and naturopathic philosophy, especially in the field of anti-aging and regenerative medicine, and especially in the field of aesthetics. I consider myself an artist when it comes to aesthetics in particular. 

I grew up in Arizona, and moved to Oregon in 2000 to fulfill my lifelong dream of living surrounded by trees. While here, I became more interested in natural medicine and health, and eventually decided to become a naturopathic doctor. I received my doctorate in naturopathic medicine degree from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. 

While working as a naturopathic physician, I became increasingly interested in and passionate about anti-aging and regenerative medicine. I discovered Full Potential HRT Clinic. I realized how profoundly hormone imbalances and deficiencies can wreck our health. I realized how hormone replacement therapy when properly prescribed could help my patients to experience their full potential health. I decided to join the team. And right now together we’re making history.

When I’m not helping my patients, I enjoy dancing, traveling, exploring, gardening, cooking, reading great books, and spending time with my partner.

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