Meet Dr. Todd Pendell, N.D.

Dr. Todd Pendell, N.D. Testosterone Replacement Therapy Doctor. Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctor. Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Doctor.

Dr. Todd Pendell, N.D. is licensed in Oregon and Washington.

It was serendipity that landed me a position at Full Potential HRT clinic in January of 2019. Prior to this, I had spent many years as a primary care physician diligently treating patients from all walks of life who suffered from a myriad of conditions ranging from acute sore throats to chronic complicated health conditions. This practice allowed me to hone my skills in evaluating and treating my patients as a whole. I enjoyed doing primary care very much, but I knew there was more to medicine than just treating disease after-the-fact. As fate would have it, two of my dearest colleagues recommended to Dr. Robert Strait, N.D. that I would be a great fit at his really awesome HRT clinic. It was bromance at first sight, and I knew that this was the place for me. I’ve really thrived since joining the team at Full Potential HRT Clinic. I’ve really enjoyed helping my patients to optimize their hormones. I’ve really enjoyed seeing such profound improvements in my patients’ health and quality of life. 

I’m a naturopathic doctor. I received my doctorate in naturopathic medicine degree from National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon. I absolutely love being a naturopathic doctor. This career has allowed me to live out my dream of  helping others to create and sustain improved health, balance, and vitality in their lives.

“Dr. Pendell does not shy away from a challenge. I have been impressed with his level of medical judgement. He has a way of putting patients at ease and is a wonderful listener. He is honest, kind, genuine, and reliable.”

Before earning my medical degree, in my former life in Phoenix, Arizona, I was the chair of the science department and a science teacher at a middle school for eleven years. 

I like to also think that my interest in medicine came naturally. My great-grandfather and four of my great-uncles were all doctors who practiced medicine well into their 80’s, and one of whom  famously delivered the Anderson quintuplets here in Portland, Oregon in 1973!

On my weekends and in my free time I enjoy more than anything else just spending time with my family, and some things in particular I like to do with them include reading, playing my guitar, hiking, mountain biking, drinking vanilla soy lattes, and just plain exploring the wonders of Oregon with my family.

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