Hair Restoration Treatment for Hair Loss

There are several effects of aging that can be troublesome. One of the most sensitive and aggravating things about aging is hair loss that happens with aging. Many people associate their hair with their youth and vitality, and it is devastating to see one’s hair thinning or falling out.

We know that receptors for dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are abundant on the scalp. This is why DHT blockers are sometimes an effective treatment. Oral DHT blockers like Propecia® (finasteride) can have negative side effects. These side effects include symptoms and signs of testosterone deficiency, including decreased libido and erectile dysfunction, and it is for this reason that we do not recommend this kind of treatment at Full Potential HRT Clinic.

This is where microneedling comes in. Microneedling with PRP and other regenerative medicines can help to restore hair growth in areas of their scalp where they’re suffering from hair loss.There are two steps to the in-office microneedling procedure. Step 1 is to create channels or openings in the scalp. This is done with micropunctures with the microneedling pen. Getting to the hair follicle is key with hair restoration treatment, since the hair follicle resides in the dermal layer of the scalp, which can easily be reached with the microneedling pen. Step 2 is to use the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to nourish the hair follicles and stimulate the hair for growth. This second step is something that we highly recommend with every scalp treatment as it has been proven to give the best results. The PRP is used essentially as scalp fertilizer during and directly after the treatment. PRP is extremely safe, as we are injecting the patient’s own platelets and platelet-derived growth factors – derived directly from their own blood – back into their body. This makes the side-effect profile virtually non-existent.

I can recall a particular case of a 37 year-old male patient who was complaining of his hair thinning around the crown of his head.  As you can imagine this was embarrassing for him and he would often wear hats or beanies to cover this thinning area. He reported that both his father and grandfather on his mother’s side struggled with thinning hair in the same area.  He still had hair follicles intact, so he was an excellent candidate for the microneedling treatment. He went through a series of six treatments each spaced six weeks apart, in addition to following our recommendations for topical treatment that we created for him. Today, he no longer wears hats and doesn’t need to cover up his “moonroof” as he calls it.

Patients often ask why they can’t just use a topical formulation to treat their hair loss. Many topical hair formulations have viable ingredients, but they do not penetrate deep enough to get the desired effect. It’s like wanting your grass to grow, but only watering the blades and not the soil. The grass doesn’t grow if you don’t water the soil. The same applies to your hair: if the deeper layers of the scalp aren’t nourished, then your hair won’t grow. Treatment with microneedling allows for those viable ingredients to reach deep into the scalp and achieve your desired results.  

In the days and weeks following the hair restoration treatment for hair loss procedure the scalp and new hair growth must be protected and supported. We recommend using a special shampoo that’s loaded with growth factors and peptides to continue to nourish the scalp and create an optimally fertile scalp for hair growth. In addition, we recommend a special hair mist to be used on a daily basis to protect the hair as it grows. The great thing about our hair restoration treatment is that we take a naturopathic approach. So in addition to a package of microneedling treatments and take home topical recommendations, we also suggest vitamin regimens to help to further facilitate your hair growth. For example, biotin (Vitamin B7) has clinical evidence to support that it improves hair restoration. In addition there are herbal combinations as well as prescription topical formulas that can be used in conjunction with the microneedling treatment to treat hair loss from all angles.

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