Meet Dr. Erik Gudmundson, N.D.

Dr. Erik Gudmundson, N.D.I’m a naturopathic physician specializing in men’s hormone replacement and erectile dysfunction therapy. 

I’m the Clinic Director at the Renton, Washington location.  Since 2014 I’ve worked closely with my colleague Dr. Robert Strait, N.D., to provide the most advanced and customized testosterone and comprehensive hormone therapy and erectile dysfunction therapy for men all over Washington State, including near Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, and Federal Way, Washington.

During this time I’ve found great joy and satisfaction while helping more than 3,500 men experience their full potential.

I've successfully treated more than
0 men
who used to suffer from low testosterone and other hormone deficiencies, and / or erectile dysfunction.

What Drives Me to Specialize?

For many reasons, testosterone deficiency and erectile dysfunction have become very common problems, yet it can be very difficult for a man to find a physician who knows how to properly prescribe testosterone or other hormone therapy, or trimix therapy. Many of my patients find me after working for years with other physicians who have been prescribing them testosterone or other hormones and yet they haven’t felt much better, or they now feel worse, and they’re wondering if maybe it can be prescribed differently. Other patients find me after suffering for years with erectile dysfunction when all their PCP will prescribe is Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis, which isn’t helping, and they’re wondering if maybe there are other better options.

My Story

Initially working as a primary care physician, I had a passion for mastering the lesser-known therapies that made the most difference for my patients. I knew I was on to something good when I began working with Dr. Robert Strait at a successful men’s clinic in Bellevue, Washington. He took me under-wing so-to-speak in 2014, and before I knew it I was very successfully implementing the highest quality testosterone and other hormone therapy and trimix therapy for even the most complex patients. Unfortunately, there was a change in ownership at that clinic and it seemed to lose its direction. We realized that in order to continue to offer men the absolute highest quality therapy and service we would have to work together somewhere else. So Dr. Robert Strait started Full Potential Men’s clinic and created an even better opportunity for me to work with him there.

My Recreation

I consider myself a family man. I enjoy spending time with my wife Heather and our daughter Gwen, who was born just last October 2016. When Heather and I go hiking, we like to identify the plants we see along the way. Heather loves finding culinary mushrooms. Personally I’m more interested in plants with medicinal properties. I have been an avid rock-climber at times, although I don’t get to go very often. A guilty pleasure I have is reading fantasy novels like the “A Song of Ice and Fire” (Game of Thrones) books. I am a DIY enthusiast and once rebuilt the NiH battery of a Honda Civic hybrid. On my bucket list you’ll find: becoming competent at sailing, learning to blacksmith and building a Shelby AC Cobra kit car.

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Are you suffering from symptoms and diseases we’ve all been told are just an inevitable part of getting older, when in fact they’re really caused by low testosterone and possibly by low levels of other hormones, which can be treated?

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction or other sexual health complaints? Have you been told that this is just another inevitable result of getting older? Are you wondering if there’s any way that you can have a robust and vibrant, enjoyable sex life again?

If so, then it’s really important that you see a doctor with expertise and successful experience evaluating and managing these diseases by prescribing testosterone and comprehensive hormone replacement therapy, and other anti-aging and regenerative therapies for men and women.

Our distinguished team of physicians and staff has more than 10 years of experience successfully treating thousands of men near Seattle in Renton, Washington, helping these men to live and perform to their full potential quality of life, health, and longevity. 

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