POTENTshot™ | Priapus Shot® & P-Shot® Alternative

Introducing POTENTshot™ – for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Prevention

Erectile dysfunction is (ED) is a serious health problem for men that has become ubiquitous nowadays for various reasons. The most common symptom of ED is decreased ability of a man to achieve and / or maintain a satisfactory erection during sexual activity. Symptoms of ED can cause men to suffer from a decreased quality of life, and can cause a lot of stress for men in general. Click here to read more about Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Are you suffering from lackluster erectile function? Do not fear, the POTENTshot™ is here to restore your penile pizazz!

While many treatments are available for erectile dysfunction, there is one particularly potent treatment that stands strong, firmly, and proudly alongside POTENTwave™ therapy in a league of their own. What is POTENTshot™? It’s our proprietary alternative to the Priapus Shot® also known as the P-Shot®. It’s an aptly named truly potent erectile dysfunction treatment – as well as a powerful way to prevent erectile dysfunction, by strengthening weakening erection performance before it becomes erectile dysfunction.

What is the POTENTshot™ Treatment? Is it Quick and Easy, and Painless?

The POTENTshot™ treatment is quick and simple and painless. It involves: 1) a simple blood draw in our office, 2) the application of a topical numbing solution to the tissue to be treated – in this case the erectile tissue of the penis, and / or if needed a temporary local nerve block, 3) the blood is spun down in a special tube and centrifuge to create a concentrated solution of the patient’s own regenerative and growth factors in his blood called platelet-rich plasma commonly known as PRP, 4) this concentrated solution of regenerative and growth factors is then injected in a proprietary manner into the exact tissue where these regenerative and growth factors need to work their magic – in this case the erectile tissue of the penis, and most exciting – 5) you’re all done and that was so quick and easy! Usually men are in and out of the office in only about one hour when they come in for a POTENTshot™ procedure.

What is Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)?

The PRP is concentrated full of regenerative and growth factors from the patient’s own blood. When it’s injected into the erectile tissue of the penis it causes regeneration and anti-aging – in other words healing – there in the tissue of the penis by various mechanisms, including by recruiting and activating the local stem cells.

What do we Recommend With and After POTENTshot™ Treatment?

To maximize the benefits, and make those benefits last longer, we usually recommend a trifecta of concomitant treatments:

1 – We strongly recommend that a POTENTwave™ treatment be scheduled and performed immediately following the POTENTshot™ procedure. Why? Because the POTENTwave™ treatment will also very strongly recruit and activate the local stem cells, and it will tell the regenerative and growth factors and activated stem cells TO STAY IN THE LOCAL TISSUE instead of going elsewhere, thereby potently augmenting the POTENTshot™ treatment. We base this recommendation on studies of both treatments as well as on our clinical experience, all of which has for our team been very compelling.

2 – We strongly recommend that our POTENTshot™ patients take small daily doses of tadalafil (also known as Cialis®) unless there’s a contraindication to this, for example a history of serious adverse effects, or some other reason why the patient cannot take tadalafil. We base this recommendation on studies whereby low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy PLUS Cialis® was compared to low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy WITHOUT Cialis®, as well as on our own clinical experience, and the science of the mechanism of nitric oxide, all of which has for our team been very compelling.

3 – We strongly recommend that our POTENTshot™ patients use a high-quality vacuum erection device (V.E.D., and also known as a penis pump) each day as instructed since this has been shown to obviously potently enhance the benefits of both the POTENTshot™ treatment as well as the POTENTwave™ treatment separately and when combined in our team’s experience. The penis pump works to keep the regenerative and growth factors and recruited and activated stem cells local and active in the erectile tissue of the penis. It also signals the tissue what exactly the tissue ought to do, which is regenerate and grow and regrow its ability to accept blood and expand, enlarge in volume, and trap the blood there where your erection wants it. It’s worth mentioning that when used long-term as instructed patients sometimes experience permanently increased penis girth and penis length as a result of the long-term use of penis-pumping as instructed. When penis pumping is combined with these regenerative treatments it is more likely that patients will experience these long-term results from penis pumping.

Sometimes we recommend that patients use a penis extension device. This can be necessary and effective for patients who are post-prostatecomy, or for patients with Peyronies curvatures, and of course for patients who want to lengthen their penis. Occasionally, as part of a comprehensive penis rehabilitation approach, we will recommend the use of trimix to further challenge or strengthen or rehabilitate the penis. This is another treatment that is helpful post-prostatectomy. These are all examples of treatments we recommend in different circumstances for our male patients in order to maximize the potency-enhancing effects of our POTENTshot™ treatment.

What Specifically are the Benefits of the POTENTshot™ Treatment?

Is it possible to enhance and restore penile pizzazz? We are glad you asked! 

Without sounding too ridiculous, because I realize this necessarily sounds ridiculous:

1 – Longer, thicker, and harder erections

2 – Longer-lasting erections

3 – Stronger orgasms and ejaculations

4 – Improved penis health

5 – Anti-aged, more youthful-appearing penis

Who’s a Good Candidate for the POTENTshot™ Treatment?

The POTENTshot™ treatment is more potent for men who do not suffer from 1) severe testosterone deficiency (also known as “Low Testosterone or Low T”), 2) severe growth hormone deficiency or growth hormone insufficiency due to aging, 3) cardiovascular disease, or 4) diabetes, and is also more potent for 1) men who have not had a prostatectomy and waited more than six months to begin treating and rehabilitating their penis post-prostatectomy, and 2) men who are overall younger and healthier, including 3) men who eat a healthy diet and get a healthy amount of exercise, fresh air, sunlight, etc. I know. I know. The disclaimers. But somebody’s gotta say it.

Wait, You Said POTENTshot™ Was Pain-free, too? Really? YES.

The treatment is painless in terms of time and yes it’s actually painless physically, too. Some men, while still feeling the numbing effects from the topical numbing agent or the nerve block will report almost instantaneously and obviously improved feelings of erectile potency and fullness. Men are invited to go home and enjoy sexual activities the same day as part of solidifying their benefits.

Wait, You Said I Can Go Home and Have Sex That Day?

Yes, just wait at least four hours please!

How Quickly Does POTENTshot™ Help? How Long Do Benefits Last?

The benefits of POTENTshot™ will generally become gradually more noticeable over a period of about 4 – 6 weeks, with more improvement sometimes happening more gradually over more time, and the benefits usually last about 1 to 2 years. The key is the patient must follow our recommendations for maximizing the benefits of the treatment. Following our instructions makes a HUGE difference when it comes to having potent, long-lasting results.

How Much Does Full Potential HRT Clinic Charge for the POTENTshot™ Treatment?

We charge $1,200 for the POTENTshot™ treatment. 

Because not everyone is a candidate for this treatment, we do require an in-office POTENTshot™ & POTENTwave™ Evaluation & Exam prior to scheduling a POTENTshot™ treatment and / or POTENTwave™ treatment. We waive the $200 charge for the in-office POTENTshot™ & POTENTwave™ Evaluation & Exam if you have a concierge HRT membership in good standing. We will discount your POTENTshot™ treatment by $200 – in essence waiving the $200 charge – if you pay for and receive a POTENTshot™ treatment within one month of your POTENTshot™ & POTENTwave™ Evaluation & Exam.

You may find that another clinic is willing to perform the treatment for less. Part of this is because we concentrate twice as much of your PRP for your procedure, and we use a better and therefore more expensive PRP concentration technique. We do this because we’ve seen that it makes a big difference in the potency of the treatment. We’re not willing to compromise on that. We want to make sure our male patients are as likely as possible to get their desired benefits. Also, all of our POTENTshot™ treatments are performed by licensed naturopathic physicians who are experts, performing these kinds of treatments on a regular basis. We’re not delegating the performance of this treatment to a salesperson, administrative assistant, medical assistant, nurse, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or any other person. We’re not using a cookie cutter approach to your treatment. Our medical providers get to know you and perform an examination in order to determine how to exactly treat you as an individual in order to tailor your treatment to get you the best result for you.

What if the POTENTshot™ and / or POTENTwave™ Treatment Doesn’t Work for Me? Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

I wish that we could guarantee that each and every one of our patients who did any kind of treatment at our clinic would achieve the benefits and results they want, every time. Unfortunately, each person is different, and sometimes it’s just a matter of timing or bad luck, and sometimes we are just totally surprised when someone that seems like they should have benefited doesn’t benefit, for no apparent reason that we can tell. Every once in a while the opposite happens: We’ll recommend that someone not do the treatment, they say they want to do it anyway just in case, and then they get amazing results. There’s no way to perfectly predict who will benefit and how much they’ll benefit from any medical treatment. If anyone promises you that you’ll benefit from any medical treatment I would recommend that you be very skeptical. In fact, I recommend that you ought to be skeptical about all medical treatments. And even that you’re skeptical right now. No one is more skeptical than I am as a matter of fact. Your Full Potential HRT doctor will talk you through the likelihood that you’ll benefit and how much you’ll likely benefit, and I also recommend that you furthermore think very carefully and do your due diligence before you schedule a POTENTshot™ treatment. It’s your personal decision to make. While I do understand that it’s unfortunate if and / or when one of our patients doesn’t get the benefits they want from POTENTshot™ and / or POTENTwave™ treatment, and it’s always sad when someone feels like they wasted their money on something, we are not promising any particular benefit, and whether you get your desired benefits or not, we’re doing our very best, and we’re doing a lot of work to help you, and it just doesn’t make financial sense for us to have a money-back guarantee, because some patients will take unfair advantage of it. I know this to be true because we’ve experienced this in the past.

Are There Any Potential Side-effects?

We have to draw your blood. If it’s difficult to draw your blood you may experience some discomfort as a consequence of the blood draw. There may be some minor bruising or bleeding. It is possible that you may experience some discomfort in the tissue of your penis as a result of having the PRP injected there. You may experience some minor bruising or bleeding there. You may experience some swelling there. It is theoretically possible that you could have a localized infection in the tissue of your penis as a result of having an injection done to that part of your body. This is all just as a disclaimer. It’s very uncommon for our patients to experience any adverse effects from this treatment. But in medicine anything is possible. We cannot guarantee or promise you that there is 0% chance that you will experience any adverse effects. We can promise you that we know what we’re doing and we will do our absolute best to reduce your chances of having any adverse effects.

What are our Patients Saying?

Here’s what one patient with erectile dysfunction had to say:

Sign me up for another injection. My erection quality has sky-rocketed after my initial PRP shot. I am very pleased. I have recommended this procedure to several of my friends. My sex life has improved immensely.P. G. a 48 yo male with progressive ED

Here’s what one patient with Peyronie’s disease had to say:

The procedure is worth it for anyone struggling with a painful curvature. My symptoms are much more mild and I am able to have better sex due to firmer erections. The procedure did not cause me any pain. I would like my wife to get the women’s procedure now.H. S. a 62 yo male recently diagnosed with peyronie’s disease

I Just Can’t Make My Mind! Should I Schedule?

It’s a big decision. Take a breath and for now just take the first step, which is to schedule your POTENTshot™ & POTENTwave™ Evaluation & Exam. Speak with one of our experts. They’ll talk you through the likely benefits. They’ll let you know if they think you’re a good candidate. They’re going to take their time with you to make sure you understand, and you’re comfortable with everything, before they recommend that you schedule a POTENTshot™ and / or POTENTwave™ treatment.

Schedule your POTENTshot™ & POTENTwave™ Evaluation & Exam

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? Are you looking for a serious solution to restore your potency? It's important that you see a doctor with expertise and experience and a successful track record for evaluating and treating erectile dysfunction. We've helped thousands of men with erectile dysfunction since 2012. We've successfully treated hundreds of men with our proprietary POTENTshot™ erectile dysfunction treatment. POTENTshot™ is a quick and easy and painless, and potentially extremely effective treatment using your own PRP that takes only about one hour of your time. Call 971-319-4636 now or click below to request an appointment online to see if you're a good candidate for this revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction.