Let’s Talk About POTENTshot™ for Men

POTENTshot™ for Men for Restoring Male Sexual Potency

POTENTshot™ for men is our proprietary alternative to the Priapus Shot® also known as the P-Shot®. The POTENTshot™ is a non-surgical, anti-aging and regenerative treatment for the penis that is clinically proven to improve male sexual health and performance. 

We are not permitted to call our procedure “Priapus Shot®” or “P-Shot®” because these names are protected by US Patent & Trademark Law. Click here to learn more about what the organization that owns these registered trademarks has to say about the Priapus Shot® and P-Shot®. From our clinical experience during the last several years, we can confidently state that our patients experience the same results as patients who receive the PriapusShot® or P-Shot® from certified providers who pay the monthly marketing and other fees in order to call the procedure the “Priapus Shot®” or “P-Shot®.”

What is the POTENTshot™?

The procedure is quick, simple, and is not painful. First, we perform a blood draw. Next, we apply a topical numbing agent or local nerve block. While your tissue becomes numb, we use our proprietary system to concentrate the regenerative and growth factors from your blood into a solution of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The PRP solution we create is 7 – 10 times concentrated with these regenerative and growth factors, which is at least 3 – 5 times greater than the PRP concentrations most of our competitors will be able to create and use. Lastly, we inject the PRP in a proprietary manner into the erectile tissue of the penis, where these regenerative and growth factors need to work their magic in order for men to experience their desired results. The entire process takes less than an hour. 

You will be able to drive yourself home following the procedure without any difficulty. We recommend that men wait at least four hours before engaging in sexual activity. Otherwise, there’s no downtime.

What Benefits Should I Expect from the POTENTshot™?

  • Longer, thicker, and harder erections
  • Longer-lasting erections
  • Increased sensation and pleasure
  • Stronger orgasms and ejaculations
  • More youthful-appearing penis
  • Individual results and patient experience may vary

How Quickly Will I Experience Benefits from the POTENTshot™?

Many men experience noticeable improvement in the first 24 hours; however, most of the time men will experience noticeable improvement within a few weeks. The POTENTshot™ stimulates stem cells and other similar cells in the treated tissue to regenerate and restore tissue. It takes about three months for the full regenerative effect to take place. Men who follow our recommendations for post-operative care and adjunctive treatment will experience significantly greater improvement than those who do not.

Adjunctive Treatments

Depending on our patient’s presentation and goals, we will usually recommend adjunctive treatments, such as the use of daily tadalafil or other medications, certain vacuum erection devices (penis pumps), penis extension devices, penis rings, or other simple rehabilitative or supportive tools.

One particular adjunctive treatment that we often recommend that men add immediately before their POTENTshot™ procedure is the POTENTwave™ procedure, which is our proprietary alternative to the GAINSWave® procedure. 

The POTENTwave™ procedure is a clinically proven method of applying certain low-intensity extracorporeal shockwaves to the tissue of the penis that works by regenerating and repairing old and damaged blood vessels, including those of the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum. This means improved blood flow to the penis, improved capacity of the penis to fill with blood, and an improved ability of the penis to trap blood once it’s there. These are the three keys to improved erectile function.

When the POTENTwave™ treatment is scheduled and performed immediately before the POTENTshot™ procedure it causes the injected platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the POTENTshot™ procedure to work hand-in-hand with the mechanisms of action of the POTENTwave™ procedure, creating the potential for a significantly increased overall response. The stimulation from the POTENTwave™ procedure also causes the injected PRP to remain in the tissue of the penis instead of leaving the area, meaning the tissue of the penis benefits from a stronger regenerative and growth response from the injected PRP. Patients tend to experience significantly more cumulative benefit when they schedule these procedures back to back than they experience when these procedures are not scheduled back to back, but are instead scheduled at separate times. We recommend that patients schedule POTENTwave™ as a series of two treatments per week for either three or four weeks in order to maximize the benefits of the treatment. The best time to schedule these treatments back to back is right after the first POTENTwave™ treatment of the series of six or eight treatments. Click here to learn more about the POTENTwave™ procedure for men.

For men with testosterone or other hormone deficiencies, we will usually recommend testosterone or other hormone replacement therapy, so that they will experience significantly greater results, especially much greater long-term results from the POTENTshot™ procedure.

What are our Patients Saying?

Sign me up for another injection. My erection quality has sky-rocketed after my initial PRP shot. I am very pleased. I have recommended this procedure to several of my friends. My sex life has improved immensely.P. G. a 48 yo male with progressive ED
The procedure is worth it for anyone struggling with a painful curvature. My symptoms are much more mild and I am able to have better sex due to firmer erections. The procedure did not cause me any pain. I would like my wife to get the women’s procedure now.H. S. a 62 yo male recently diagnosed with peyronie’s disease

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