What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is defined in many different ways. Based on our experience with thousands of men, our physicians choose to define erectile dysfunction as the inability of a man to achieve and / or maintain a full and potent erection while engaged in sexual activity. This is a very common problem for more than 30 million Erectile Dysfunctionmen in the United States. Erectile dysfunction is so underreported that it’s difficult to have an accurate estimate of its prevalence, but it’s estimated that it’s almost as common as low testosterone, with more than 50% of men over 40 years old, and more than 70% of men over 65 years old suffering from significant, distressing erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is also a serious concern for many younger men.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

There are many reasons men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone and human growth hormone due to aging is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction, and these two hormone deficiencies cause fatigue, depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, all of which are also independent causes of erectile dysfunction. After low testosterone and human growth hormone due to aging, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are by far the second and third most common causes of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is also a common side-effect of medications used to treat diseases, including the diseases that cause erectile dysfunction. All treatments for prostate cancer cause some degree of erectile dysfunction. Radical prostatectomy causes nearly complete erectile dysfunction nearly 100% of the time. Relationship difficulties can cause erectile dysfunction. Most of the time erectile dysfunction worsens with time.

We identify and address all of these causes of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is a Serious Problem
& Is Usually Untreated

Erectile dysfunction is a very distressing problem for men. It can also cause depression and anxiety, relationship difficulties, and ultimately a worsening of men’s quality of life in general, which can in turn worsen erectile dysfunction. It’s a vicious cycle that can be difficult for a man to interrupt without help.Premature Ejaculation.

Although erectile dysfunction is a very common and distressing problem for men, most men are reluctant to mention it to their physicians, and most physicians are reluctant to ask about it. Most physicians wrongly consider erectile dysfunction a low priority. Most physicians wouldn’t know what to do about it anyway.

Our Approach to Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

Whatever the cause of the erectile dysfunction, we work to help our patients to immediately be able to experience sufficient erectile function by for example prescribing a medication such as Cialis® or Trimix while also addressing its underlying causes, by for example prescribing a customized and comprehensive concierge testosterone replacement therapy program and / or POTENTwave™ program to address their low testosterone or cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

After six to seven months on testosterone replacement therapy the way that we prescribe it 75-80% of patients will no longer require the use of oral or injectable medications. The other 20-25% of men would still suffer from erectile dysfunction, because a significant degree of their erectile dysfunction would be due to cardiovascular disease and / or diabetes, and in these cases the POTENTwave™ works well – especially in conjunction with other treatments – to reverse the effects of  aging, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes on erectile tissue, especially in conjunction with ongoing properly prescribed testosterone replacement therapy, and at least 75-80% of these remaining patients will say good-bye to their erectile dysfunction after two to six months.

Trimix – The Closest Thing Possible to a Guaranteed Erection Immediately

If all else fails, there’s Trimix, which is Erectile Function Picthe closest thing possible to an immediate guaranteed erection. Intracavernosal therapy is commonly called “Trimix” therapy, because the most common formulas combine three active medications. Trimix therapy provides the closest thing possible to a guaranteed full and potent erection in less than 10 minutes that lasts as long as you want, whether you want to perform for 30 minutes or 2 hours. We’ve prescribed effective Trimix formulas for more than 1,000 men. It’s an excellent short-term solution when oral medications don’t reliably work. There are few guarantees in life, but when all else fails, and push comes to shove, you can always count on properly prescribed Trimix to quickly help you perform to your full potential.

POTENTwave™ – After Properly Prescribed TRT – This is The Closest Thing Possible to a Long-Term Guaranteed Solution to Erectile Dysfunction

POTENTwave™ is our proprietary and proven approach to utilizing high frequency, low-intensity sound waves to maximize men’s sexual potency and reverse their erectile dysfunction due to decreased blood flow to the penis and decreased capacity of the penis to fill with blood due to aging, cardiovascular disease, and / or diabetes.

It has been proven by more than 40 studies performed since 1999 to safely and effectively treat erectile dysfunction by reversing the effects of aging, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes on erectile tissue, by regenerating aged and damaged blood vessels, stimulating the growth of brand new blood vessels, and actually disintegrating penile arterial plaques, so that there’s improved blood flow to the penis and improved capacity of the penis to fill with blood – since the penis is mostly special blood vessels that must be able to fill with blood, this is very important.  

The tremendous benefits of this revolutionary proven erectile dysfunction treatment are progressive and cumulative – with improvement that is not only maintained but even continues for 2-3 years after the treatment is discontinued – that’s because this treatment literally initiates a healing and regenerating process in the erectile tissue of the penis.

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If you suffer erectile dysfunction, and you’re wondering if there’s any way that you can have a full and potent, and long-lasting erection again, then you really have found what you’re looking for – and the answer is almost certainly! and it’s important that you be properly evaluated and that you discuss your case and your options with a physician with expertise.

Under the direction and leadership of Dr. Robert Strait, N.D., our team of physicians and staff has helped more than 4,000 men with testosterone replacement therapy for low testosterone, and more than 1,000 men with erectile dysfunction treatment for erectile dysfunction.

We’ve delivered the results that our patients want thousands of times, over and over and over again. We’re confident that we’ll deliver the results for you too, if you give us the opportunity. We have the expertise and experience to help you to LIVE and PERFORM to your full potential. Give us the opportunity to help you. You deserve it!

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