Let’s Talk About Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

What is Erectile Dysfunction? How Common is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is defined in many different ways. Based on our experience with thousands of men, our physicians choose to define erectile dysfunction as the inability of a man to achieve and / or maintain a full and potent erection while engaged in sexual activity. This is a very common problem for more than 30 million ERECTILE DYSFUNCTIONmen in the United States. Erectile dysfunction is so underreported that it’s difficult to have an accurate estimate of its prevalence, but it’s estimated that it’s almost as common as low testosterone, with more than 50% of men over 40 years old, and more than 70% of men over 65 years old suffering from significant, distressing erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is also a serious concern for many younger men.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

There are many reasons men suffer from erectile dysfunction; however, low testosterone is by far the most common medical cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Low testosterone can happen at any age, and it’s a normal part of aging, and almost all men over 40 years old have low testosterone, although all men over 40 years old won’t suffer from erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone. Low growth hormone is the second most common hormone deficiency that happens in men and is by far the second most common medical cause of erectile dysfunction in men. ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION TREATMENTLow growth hormone can happen at any age, and it’s a normal part of aging, and almost all men over 40 years old have low growth hormone. Low testosterone and low growth hormone cause men other medical problems, including fatigue, depression, anxiety, decreased libido, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, all of which are also independent causes of erectile dysfunction. After low testosterone and low growth hormone due to aging, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are by far the second and third most common medical causes of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is also a common side-effect of medications used to treat diseases, including the diseases mentioned above that already cause erectile dysfunction. You can see how for men getting older causes erectile dysfunction, how the chronic diseases of aging as a group cause erectile dysfunction, and how the medications prescribed to treat these chronic diseases of aging worsen erectile dysfunction, and how therefore erectile dysfunction is often a disease that worsens with time and aging. It’s a vicious cycle that’s difficult to interrupt without getting to the root cause, which for most men is getting professional expert testosterone replacement therapy and growth hormone increasing or replacement therapy. Successful diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction requires a holistic perspective from an expert who can then prescribe a holistic approach.

Erectile Dysfunction is a Serious Problem
& Is Usually Untreated

Erectile dysfunction is a very distressing problem for men. It can also cause depression and anxiety, relationship difficulties, and ultimately a worsening of a man’s quality of life in general, which can in turn worsen their erectile dysfunction. It’s a vicious cycle that can be difficult for a man to interrupt without help.ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION

Although erectile dysfunction is a very common and distressing problem for men, most men are reluctant to mention it to their physicians, and most physicians are reluctant to ask about it. Most physicians wrongly consider erectile dysfunction to be a low priority. Most physicians wouldn’t know what to do about it anyway.

How Can I Restore My Male Sexual Potency? Our Approach to Erectile Dysfunction Treatment.

We provide many different solutions for men, ranging from short-term oral and sublingual solutions such as different kinds of PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra®, Levitra®, or Cialis®, or oxytocin and / or apomorphine which are potent aphrodisiacs, short-term injectable solutions such as PT-141, which also often works as a potent aphrodisiac, to other short-term solutions such as injectable trimix medications, as well as the take-home use of some OTC devices such as penis pumps and penis rings, as well as more effective, longer-lasting office procedures such as our proprietary POTENTshot™ and POTENTwave™ procedures, and of course the ultimate long-term solution is bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy with or without other hormone therapies, such as growth hormone increasing or replacement therapy. One way or the other, we provide the closest thing possible to guaranteed short and long-term solutions to erectile dysfunction for men.

It’s Important That Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Be Individualized & Holistic

Whatever the cause of the erectile dysfunction, we work to help our male patients to immediately be able to experience sufficient erectile function by for example prescribing simple, short-term solutions such as the prescription of a subcutaneous injection of PT-141 a few hours before planned or potential sexual activity or the prescription of injectable trimix immediately before sexual activity, while also addressing the underlying causes, by for example prescribing a customized and comprehensive concierge testosterone and hormone replacement therapy program and / or a series of six or eight POTENTwave™ treatments and / or a POTENTshot™ treatment to directly treat the tissue of the penis.

After six to seven months on testosterone replacement therapy the way that we prescribe it 75-80% of our male patients will no longer require the use of short-acting oral or injectable medications to fully enjoy sexual activity. Many male patients will continue to use these treatments anyway to further enhance their enjoyment of their sexual activity, ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION TREATMENT but it’s more for recreation rather than requirement a lot of the time. The other 20-25% of men will often experience significant improvement, but still require short-acting treatments to fully enjoy sexual activity. Many of these male patients are excellent candidates for POTENTwave™ or POTENTshot™ treatment. Much of the time after one or both of these treatments male patients will no longer require short-acting treatments in order to fully enjoy sexual activity. One way or another we help our male patients to say good-bye to erectile dysfunction.

We Have Helped Thousands of Men Just Like You Who Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? Have you been told that this is just another inevitable result of getting older? Are you wondering if there’s any way that you can have a full and potent, and long-lasting erection again? If so, then you really have found what you’re looking for. It’s important that you see a doctor with expertise and successful experience treating erectile dysfunction in men.

Our distinguished team of physicians and staff has more than 10 years of experience successfully treating many thousands of men near Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington with a variety of erectile dysfunction therapies, helping these men to live and perform to their full potential.

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