Meet Dr. Matthew Renshaw Ruddell, N.D.

Dr. Matthew Renshaw Ruddell, N.D.

I specialize in testosterone replacement therapy, medical weight loss therapy, and sexual vitality and performance therapy for men. 

During my internships in medical school and my two-year residency following medical school I did my best for my patients using the tools of primary care, including the tools of traditional naturopathic medicine, but the vast majority of them continued to struggle with chronic, suboptimal health. They were surviving, but not thriving. After my two-year residency, I discovered the wonders of testosterone replacement therapy, medical weight loss therapy, and sexual vitality and performance therapy for men while training with Dr. Robert Strait and his team of experienced doctors. I quickly noticed that testosterone replacement therapy for these male patients resulted in a remarkable turnaround in their health. No longer were these patients just surviving. They were thriving. They were able to move forward with their life in this new state of health. It has been incredibly rewarding to be involved in medical care that has such an obvious positive and far-reaching effect on patients’ lives. I quickly noticed that when medical weight loss therapy is done properly with semaglutide or tirzepatide and other treatments that patients are able to successfully and safely lose weight and maintain weight loss. I quickly noticed that men who were suffering from significant erectile dysfunction were able to enjoy significant improvements in their sexual vitality and performance from revolutionary treatments including POTENTshot, POTENTwave™, trimix, and other erectile dysfunction therapies.

My passion for naturopathic medicine began as a teen when I saw my health and life changed radically by simple dietary changes. Since the mid-2000s, I have been on a quest to discover how to restore and protect health for myself, my loved ones and the patients I serve. I love naturopathic medicine and the ability it gives me to view health from a broad, whole-person perspective. When done well, naturopathic medicine prevents many diseases by working on root causes and the foundations of health. Testosterone and hormone replacement therapy is at its core preventative as it helps patients to avoid and even reverse the development of many chronic diseases of aging by promoting the regeneration and maintenance of healthy tissue and function.

I grew up in Washington state where I attended Western Washington University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology with honors. While at university, I completed a minor in Spanish and had the chance to study microbiology abroad at The Catholic University of Valparaiso, Chile. Following my undergraduate degree, I enlisted in the United States Army and served as an Infantryman for three years. I then served in the Oregon Army National Guard for three more years while I attended medical school at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. After graduating, I completed a 2-year residency at Canby Clinic as a primary care physician while also managing the IV department.

I value my family, faith, health, friendships, and animals. When I am not working, I love to spend time with my wife and son, homestead, hike in the Mount Hood National Forest, or go skiing or snowboarding at Timberline. I also enjoy backpacking, camping, and fishing. I hold a strong belief that our health reflects the story of our lives, and I am passionate about helping others understand and change their health trajectory.

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