PT-141 to Improve Poor Libido and Sexual Function

PT-141 to improve poor libido and sexual function.Aging Often Causes Decreased Libido and Sexual Function:

There are many facets of the aging process. Changes in energy, mental function, and deterioration of body composition are some of the top concerns of people when they are aging. Perhaps the least talked about and most troublesome aspect of aging for both men as well as for women is sexual function, including libido – which means “sexual desire” – and is definitely an important part of sexual function. 

Circulating levels of testosterone and estrogen decline as we age, and as a result our libido and sexual function tend to drop as well. As usual the first step with dealing with any negative aspects of aging is to address dietary and lifestyle factors that are contributing to the decline. Eliminating processed foods and sticking to a majority whole food plant based diet should be your foundation. A secondary aspect would be to balance your hormones. Making an appointment with a licensed physician who specializes in testosterone replacement therapy and hormone replacement therapy who can evaluate and correct hormone deficiencies or imbalances would be the next step. 

Often Oral Medications Don’t Work Because There’s Not Enough Libido:

Even after taking care of the aforementioned steps, some patients still struggle with sexual desire and performance. Oftentimes, guys turn to one of the common oral medications for erectile dysfunction (Viagra®, Cialis®, or Levitra®). Although these medications can be very effective and a life-saver for some patients, they are not without side-effects. Some patients shy away from these medications, because they do not want to deal with the common issues of headache, congestion, and in some cases muscle aches, or other adverse effects  In addition, these oral medications do not address the issue of sexual desire that is often in decline as we age. And these medications will not work if there is no sexual desire.

How Does PT-141 Work to Improve Libido and Sexual Function?

PT-141 also known as bremelanotide is a compounded injectable prescription that can be used to improve libido. By improving libido it has been shown to increase physical arousal and genital circulation, therefore to increase the filling and function of erectile and other genital tissue in men and women. There is a strong connection between sexual arousal and the ability to perform sexually. This medication targets both. Unlike common oral medications like Viagra®, Cialis®, or Levitra®, PT- 141 acts directly on the nervous system to stimulate arousal. By doing so it eliminates the chances of priapism, (a prolonged and often uncomfortable erection) headache and congestion when dosed properly. In addition PT-141 may stimulate dopamine release. Dopamine is typically thought of as a chemical of pleasure, but more recently it has been associated with motivational salience. In other words the desire to do an act based on the perceived level of satisfaction or outcome.

Does PT-141 Work for Women?

Another exciting feature of this medication is that it is effective for women as well. Many women suffer from hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). This is characterized by a lack or absence of sexual fantasies or desire for sexual activity in the absence of a diagnosed psychological disorder or a bad relationship. PT- 141 has proven to be effective for women. A 2016 study found that taking PT- 141 over 12 weeks increased the number of sexually satisfying events (SSE) in pre-menopausal women who suffered from hypoactive sexual arousal disorder (HSDD) and female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD). Participants also had an increase in their female sexual function index (FSFI) and orgasm score total with no adverse effects. 

Case Studies inPrescribing PT-141 to Improve Libido and Sexual Function:

The first patient that I treated with this medication was a 54 year-old male with no acute or chronic medical diagnosis. He was recently divorced and was looking to start dating again. He expressed fear about being intimate with a woman since his last two sexual experiences were less than ideal for him. In particular, he was struggling with his ability to maintain an erection, and as a result he had developed less and less interest in sex over time. After being prescribed PT-141 he reported back with extreme satisfaction and enthusiasm. He reported that he was not only able to maintain an erection, but his erections were more full and firm. In addition he reported a very short refractory period after ejaculation. He was “ready to go” again very soon after. He has been using it for the past several months with no adverse effects.

Another case was with a 33 year-old female who was recently married and was self-described as “sexless”. After carefully titrating her dose of PT- 141 she reports an active sex life. A few months later she made an appointment for her husband who now also uses PT-141.

How Do I Take PT-141?

The easy subcutaneous self-injection of PT-141 is made just underneath your skin, and is only given once every 72 or more hours. I often recommend that men or women dose with the medication once or twice per week, as needed, to enjoy having their desired libido and sexual function. It usually takes anywhere from 2 – 4 hours to take effect. Under the direct care of a physician your PT-141 dose will be titrated to meet your exact needs. The fact that you only need one injection every 72 or more hours allows for spontaneity. Many of my patients who use oral medication for erectile dysfunction often comment on the fact that they have to take a pill and “wait” for it to take effect, sometimes to the chagrin of their sexual partner. With a every 72 hours or so dosing schedule PT-141 does not get in the way of spontaneity.

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