Resveracel® Supplement for Preventing Aging and Anti-Aging

Resveracel for Preventing Aging and Anti-AgingAging is a Bummer.

As we all know the aging process is something that we will all eventually have to deal with. It’s a part of life. The question is, are we going to age gracefully and enjoy life into our later years or are we going to suffer and succumb to chronic disease that is plaguing many of us today?

Resveracel® has Been Proven for Preventing Aging & Anti-Aging:

Dietary, lifestyle, and genetic factors all play a role in how gracefully we age.  As more and more research begins to surface in the anti-aging community we are learning about supplements and compounds that make the aging process more graceful, and are allowing people to feel youthful well into their later years. Resveracel® is one of those supplements! We have been using it at our clinic and have had great testimonials from patients.

What Are The Ingredients of Resveracel® and How Does Resveracel® Work?

The main ingredient of Resveracel® is nicotinamide riboside (NR) which is a highly researched and unique form of vitamin B3. NR when taken at the appropriate levels has been shown to counteract the negative effects of obesity for example. In animal studies NR has been shown to increase endurance and strength. Other studies have shown the NR increases cognitive function and decreases pathogens associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

NR is a precursor to NAD which is a cofactor in metabolism. NAD is found in ALL living cells. In simple terms NAD is needed for life to function. Without NAD we would basically cease to exist. The body makes and remakes NAD naturally, but as we age the amount of NAD that the body makes decreases. The decrease in NAD over time is thought to contribute to chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, muscle degeneration, and even cardiovascular disease. Chronic inflammation is also associated with decreased levels of NAD. Not surprisingly, increased levels of NAD have been shown to improve health outcomes, including these health conditions.

Outside of energy metabolism, NAD helps with the aging process. More especially in the case of DNA damage. NAD helps to protect from degradation and to even lengthen our telomeres. Telomeres are the ends of our chromosomes which shorten as we age. Telomere length is essential for living a long and healthy life. Telomere length gets shortened through a variety of dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Smoking, pollution, lack of physical activity, and obesity just to name a few. So the addition of Reseveracel gives you the precursor to one of the most important molecules for living things. NAD is required for optimal functioning of the immune system, brain tissue and muscle tissue. NAD is also important for allowing our body to convert the food we eat into usable energy for our cells.

Resveratrol is another key component in the Reseveracel supplement and has been shown to have numerous biologic effects in human research, including that it lowers risk of heart disease, decreases cancer risk and lowers risk of neurodegenerative disease like Parkinsons and Alzheimers. Small human studies with NR show positive impacts on liver health and blood pressure.

Reseveracel also contains trimethylglycine (TMG) which combats most of the potential negative effects of taking too much NR. This coupled with the fact that you will be receiving care from one of our physicians, ensures that you will always be taking a safe dose. It is possible to take too much of this supplement. We don’t recommend that anyone take this supplement without professional medical supervision.

Case Studies in Resveracel®:

I have seen firsthand the benefits of Reseveracel in our clinic. One patient in particular who happens to be a physician, was struggling with focus, concentration, and overall drive. She had been about 3 months into a mostly plant based diet and started lifting weights about three times per week. Despite this, she still reported being late to meetings for work and having a hard time being able to focus and play with her kids at home. She started the Reseveracel supplement regimen for four weeks. When she returned to the clinic she reported increased focus. She also started to notice that she was losing weight and that her skin looked and felt better. We increased her dose and after another four weeks she reported even more weight loss and she no longer had the midday energy slump after lunch.

A second patient who is 67 years old complained of constant memory lapses and losing track of conversations. He started on the higher dose of Reseveracel and after about 14 weeks he reported feeling sharper mentally which has led to a chronic Sudoku addiction. We also measured his body composition before and after the supplementation. He had a 3% reduction in and an increase in lean muscle mass. At 67 years of age he commented that he was surprised that he could even put on muscle!

We Try to Keep Resveracel® in Stock – Just Ask:

This is one of Dr. Robert Strait’s favorite supplements. So we try to always carry this supplement at our office. Let us know if you’d like to pick this up when you’re here at our office. If you have any questions about this just let us know. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions. We feel very strongly that if you can afford to spend another $48 per month to have a really easy treatment where you only have to take two capsules at night each night before bedtime that buying this supplement and taking this supplement is a really great bang for your buck and a really easy way to prevent aging and even to anti-age. We consider it to be one of the most important supplements for our patients over 40 years old. It may even be the one supplement I would most recommend for anyone over 40 years old.

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